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Corona and fulfillment

With all the attention on the corona virus our world has changed significantly in the past couple weeks. In our business Amazon has restricted some shipments and are not allowing new inventory to be added to their site. We are trying to do the best with these changes here at Montana Prep & Ship and one way we are seeing our customers lean is to start using FBM more. Typically FBA is better unless you have specific items that can't go FBA, such as hazardous, but during these unprecedented times we are seeing a shift to FBM so customers can continue their business as usual as much as possible. So with that in mind we here at Montana Prep & Ship are cancelling our storage charges that we normally charge so that our customers have an incentive to ship FBM. The cancellation of storage charges is for shipments being held to be shipped FBM or future FBA only. We will continue to do this until things have returned to normal. Thank you to our wonderful customers and stay safe.

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